Inspiring Poetry Collection

How can thoughts
Of one person
Evoke compassion
And another
So much scorn?
One's passion
Another's thorn
Can't we then reconcile
Each of us
All the while
Walking down life's path?
Can no one escape this ripping wrath?
Not by glancing over
Back beyond one's shoulder
But in pressing onward down the trail
And not by guessing which emotion will prevail.

Fruit Bowl
A plum says, "Eat me"
And others say, "Shall we?"
As a green banana gets riper
An orange blaze brighter
Some of the little greengages
While a tiny gooseberry wages
Such a tart thing!
What else could the bowl be offering?
My fingers search for more
Until red blisters off an apple's core
Yooo Hooo
Fancy our fleshy peaches?
The bowl beseeches
Won't you pick me?
To have with your tea?
Blush the grapes
To just a couple to ponder in your fingers?
While the choice still lingers
Enough I say to the bowl!
My tea is getting cold!
And your bickering takes its toll
Which one of you can I choose?
When clearly none of you want to lose.

Hepplewhite and the Ladderback
There are two chairs here around the farm
One is slender has good looks and charm
The other more stable, sturdy, heavy
Especially, when pushed
To help the maid reach up to the cupboard
The city chair has Hepplewhite veneer
And dainty, delicate spindles are its spine
The ladderback has sausage turnings; The family fulcrum
It's the one that's reached for when things are out of reach
But gets put away
And is never shuffled to the visitor's room
Until one night, it was learned that city chair was left out in the rain
Its' legs won't ever manage the strain
Its' veneer regrets its glue
How quickly the attention has shifted to the country chair
Who can come out now for some sprucing up
Some light sanding, new caning, and stain
The ladderback no longer pines for the dining room
But has a warm place among the other city chairs in the living room.